Support LTSB in The Big Give Christmas Challenge 2020

One donation, twice the impact!

Since 2012, Leadership Through Sport & Business  have supported over 600 disadvantaged young people into work, enabling them to realise their ambitions and potential. Through our intensive offering of skills workshops, ongoing mentoring, supported interviews, and paid apprenticeships, we equip our young people with the confidence, skills and experience they need to excel in careers in finance, IT, and business. 

As lockdown hit the UK, 62 of our young people had not yet secured employment. With the effects of Covid-19 causing job losses and recruitment freezes, our young people need support to access jobs, now more than ever.

We are working around the clock to open up interviews and job opportunities, support our young people through the recruitment process, and ultimately secure them long-term, fulfilling careers, that will have life-changing impact for them and their families. 

We have the opportunity to double donations.

This December we are taking part in the Big Give Christmas Campaign. Between 1 and 8 December, every donation made to LTSB through the Big Give platform will be matched by two generous donors. That means for every £1 you donate, LTSB will receive £2 and so be able to deliver twice the impact. 

This funding will be used to support 62 disadvantaged young people into apprenticeships and employment, granting them financial security and ensuring they have the skills and support to succeed and progress in fulfilling careers.

We need your help. 

We want the campaign to be as successful as possible so we can ensure all 62 of our young people secure a job. We are looking for supporters who can:

  • Publicise our campaign amongst your networks and encourage them to get involved
  • Donate to LTSB through the Big Give platform during 1 and 8 December releasing vital matched funds
  • Engage your workmates and raise money together! Take a look at the ideas below.
  • Share that you have donated on social media and encourage others to do the same

This campaign is a fantastic opportunity for LTSB. It will allow us to raise vital funds to invest in changing the lives of our young people, give our current supporters the opportunity to double their impact, and raise our profile amongst new audiences.

Contact if you have any questions!

Until The Big Give Christmas Challenge!

To double your donation and your impact, please make your donation via the link in the button. Donations must be made between 12pm on 1 December 2020 and 12pm on 8 December 2020 to be matched.

Take a look at some ideas below to raise money and transform lives at the same time...

Christmas Hero Challenge

Office Christmas parties are off the menu this year *sob*, but could your organisation turn this disappointment into a donation? Why not organise a virtual get together instead, and donate the would-have-been party budget to LTSB’s Big Give challenge!

Christmas Jumper Day

Ask colleagues for donations of £5 and for one day everyone dons their best (or cringiest…) Christmas Jumper for the day! Even better, turn it into a competition and everyone votes for the most hilarious jumper.

Bring Your Pet to Work Day

There’s no denying it – a cute pet is a sure fire way to brighten up your working day. Suggest a donation of £5 and host a lunchtime session to meet your colleagues’ furry friends.

Virtual Happy Hour

We’re all missing those after-work socials down at the pub after a lifetime of working from home. Grab your tipple of choice, join your colleagues on a video call at the end of the day, and donate what you’d usually spend at the bar.

Virtual Book Club

For the more literary amongst you, choose a book to all read and discuss over a video call. Ask for a suggested donation of £5, and spend a cozy hour discussing the novel with a cup of tea (or something stronger!).

Christmas Community Cookbook

Whether you’re one of those people who got into baking over lockdown, or you have that go-to mulled wine recipe, why not get together with your colleagues to make a virtual Christmas Community Cookbook? Everyone submits their tasty recipes to an e-book using anything from Microsoft Word to a more fancy-looking Canva creation. Ask for a suggested donation of £10 to get a copy of the cookbook.

“I’d pay to see that”

This works best if your boss is up for a laugh! Everyone submits an idea of what they would pay to see their colleague doing. The colleague selects some options and then the auction starts – how much would you pay to see your boss do the chicken dance? 

Online Exercise Class

Combat the all the festive treats and lead a virtual exercise class. Yoga, aerobics, dance – whatever you’re into, ask participants to donate to take part and get your colleagues off their feet and raising money!

Physical Challenge

Remember the 5K challenge? Make up your own challenge to compete amongst colleagues over a specific day or week. It could be running, press ups, or climbing the height of Everest on your stairs (58,070 steps!!!) – the key is to have fun and to donate to take part. Make sure you ask for photo proof!

Donate Your Pay

Too busy to take part in an activity? Ask some of the managers and directors in your team if they would be happy to donate a day’s pay for your chosen cause. This is a great way for them to get involved if they’re too busy to come along to your other fundraisers.

Virtual Talent Show

Do you spend every year watching BGT thinking you could do better? Why not host a virtual talent show with colleagues. Donate to take part, assign a judge and spend an evening impressing your colleagues over a video call with that party trick you’ve been dying to crack out.

Virtual Quiz

Yes, we may have all got a bit sick of quizzes at the start of the pandemic, but – newsflash – they’ve become fun again! Ask a group of colleagues to take part, donating £5, and get back into that competitive spirit. Use a tool like Kahoot to level-up your quiz-master skills.

Guess the baby competition

Ask everyone in the team to send you a baby photo of them and put them together in a shared document. Suggest a small donation for entry and ask your colleagues to guess which baby is who. The person with the most correct guesses wins!

Funniest photo competition

Get the whole office to submit their most hilarious photo of themselves. Organise a video call, share the photos and get everyone to vote for their favourite. The photo with the most votes wins! Suggest a small donation to take part.

Sponsored Challenge

Raise money by asking your colleagues to sponsor you to complete a challenge of your choice. This could be dying your hair, shaving your beard off, running 5K or maybe giving up chocolate for a week. 

Ebay De-Clutter

Make space for your Christmas presents by selling off your unwanted belongings on eBay, and donate the proceeds to LTSB!

Share your skills

Whether it be speaking a foreign language, painting, or playing an instrument, and ask people to make a donation in return for learning a new skill with you!