LTSB Update Regarding Covid-19

In light of the current situation regarding the Covid-19 pandemic, we want to send a message to all of our supporters, employers, partners and friends. We want to reassure everybody that we will continue to operate as usual, and are actively recruiting young people facing disadvantaged for apprentice opportunities in finance and tech. For further information, you can contact us on

If you’re a young person looking for an apprenticeship opportunity in accounting or technology,  we want to reassure you that applications are still open!

To protect the health of both LTSB staff and our applicants, the entire process will now take place online.

  1. Online application form
  2. Introductory phone call
  3. Informal video interview
  4. Virtual Assessment Activity

For more information, please contact

The LTSB team is here to offer our support to our employers, line managers and all the young people we work with during the coronavirus crisis period.

It is going to be a challenging time and we hope that everybody stays safe.  For the young people we work with, this will be the first crisis of this scale in their lifetimes.  It’s happening just when they have started their first professional jobs.  And understandably, their employers may be asking them to work remotely at a very early stage in their careers, when they may need support.


To help them adjust to a new way of working, we have sent out a note to all our apprentices describing some best practice when working from home.

  • We have suggested that they catch up with their line managers regularly. The more actively and effectively they keep their managers informed about what they are doing the better, but clear direction on what is expected of them will also be vital.
  • If they are still working in the office we have given them advice on what to do if they are unwell, but emphasised that they must follow their employer’s protocol for self-isolation and the period of time before they return to work.


If you have any concerns or worries about an apprentice, please do not hesitate to contact Debs Barlow our Employment Director on 01449 490 324 or email our Employment Team

We will be in regular contact with all of our young people to offer advice and support but would welcome updates from managers to see how they are getting on from a work perspective.

We want to reassure our referral partners that LTSB is continuing to actively recruit young people for our apprenticeship programmes.

For more information, please email Hazel, our Schools and Recruitment Engagement Manager.

You can download our recruitment flyers directly, and share with your young people here:

London, Birmingham and Liverpool Accounting Programme Flyer

London RBS/NatWest Digital Flyer

Manchester RBS/NatWest Digital Flyer