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Work Ready Apprentices

Sunday 31st January 2016
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Since 2012 Leadership Through Sport and Business has been tackling the problem of young people not being work ready, highlighted by Greg Hurst Education Editor in The Times on November 11 2015, by providing intensive Employability and Leadership Training prior to placing school leavers as apprentices.  

Hurst quotes John Longworth, director general of the British Chambers of Commerce:  "Many school leavers and even some university graduates are effectively unemployable because they cannot speak confidently to adults or turn up for work on time, a business leader says.  They speak abruptly to customers and other staff, don't look people in the eye, fiddle with phones and are unable to write or perform simple maths... He called for schools to help teenagers develop the "soft skills" needed by employers and to prepare them for interviews...."


LTSB selects talented diverse young people from inner-city state schools every year.  Although these young people are intellectually capable when they join us, they have no social capital and lack life skills.  They have little if no experience of the world of work.  Indeed 73% of our 2015 Intake of 74 young people reported that school had not prepared them for the business world.  

LTSB delivers a 4-month pre-employment programme together with corporate supporters Macquarie Group, ICAP, Barclays, SThree, CME and AMS.  Employability and life skills are explained, embedded and practiced in a corporate environment.  These include:

  • induction and goal setting
  • understanding personal and corporate values
  • professional office etiquette and behaviours including timekeeping and punctuality
  • communication in every form - telephone, text, email and in person
  • networking
  • looking people in the eye and shaking hands
  • body language
  • public speaking 
  • critical thinking 
  • negotiation skills  
  • CV workshops and mock interviews 

During the first 4 months our young people also attend college to study AAT Level 2 and learn coaching, referee skills, teamwork, health and safety, child safeguarding and mentoring skills and put these into action with football club Foundations including Chelsea, West Ham, Aston Villa and Leyton Orient. Many of the skills they learn with the FC Foundations are transferable and build character and confidence.  

Over half of our 2015 Intake have now been placed as AAT Level 3 apprentices in London and Birmingham with ICAP, Macquarie Group, EY, RBS, Johnson Matthey, Grant Thornton, RMS, BKL, Mazars, Eversheds, Crowe Clark Whitehill and other employers.  However we are seeking more employers who need 'work ready' apprentices to start a 12 month AAT Level 3 apprenticeship now.

Mr Longworth was quoted by The Times as saying "We have so much home-grown potential talent going to waste..."  

Please help us transform a life by launching a career in finance for one or more of our apprentices who are ready to make a real contribution to your organisation now.  

The business world and society cannot afford to let their talent go to waste.

Please email our Employer Manager Debs Barlow or call +44 (0)7921 335341

See full article in The Times by Greg Hurst