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Diversity & Equality


Our Young People

Leadership Through Sport & Business champions diversity, equality and social mobility.  


68% of all participants (2012-2015) are from BAME backgrounds.

Gender Equality

32% of participants (2012-2015) are female.  We aim to increase our female participants to 50% of our future Intakes.

Social Mobility

We use Rare's Contextual Recruitment analysis, which provides us with independent social mobility indicators and reliable school performance information so that we can better judge our students' capability and potential.   

2014 and 2015 Intakes (109 participants)

52% live in the most deprived 30% of the country
17% live in the most deprived 10% of the country
50% of the Birmingham cohort live in the most deprived 10% 

For our 2015 Intake (73 participants)

  • 73% feel school didn't prepare them for the business world
  • 64% report their parents didn't attend university
  • 36% report they were eligible for Free School Meals

Please email for a copy of our 2012-2016 Impact Report